The Direct Approach

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Ive just arrived from a trip to Berlin recently. I will tell you about my adventures and thoughts about it in a later post.

Any approach is a bit Direct

But today I want to discuss what is called The Direct Approach. First, you must understand that almost any time that a man approaches a woman, there is something direct in it. It’s definitely direct subconsciously, but in most cases even consciously, a woman would understand that the man is approaching her for romantic, sexual reasons.

Let’s say you are a woman in a bar. You dressed sexy, you wear a nice cleavage, you are chatting with your friend, and some guy approaches you from nowhere… Even if he tells you about his dead grandma, you know for sure that he is in some way interested sexually.

Even if it’s not true, women will assume that any man approaching in a bar is interested in them. Even in the day, in most cases it will be obvious. In addition to that, women are naturally much better than men in reading body language. She knows why you are approaching!

So what are your options? Direct and Indirect. Because women obviously know why you are approaching, I believe that using a regular indirect (“excuse me, what’s the time?”) approach is rather lame, It feels insencere. If you want to be indirect, especially during the night, it needs to make the woman feel confused: “Maybe he is not interested in me after all?”. This can be done, for example, by approaching 2 girls together, or by asking a girl about her friend. Or acting a bit gay. Or indicating that you have a girlfriend, or married.

The other option, which I will discuss quickly in this post (I promise another one soon) is how to successfully approach a woman using the Direct Approach…

The Direct Approach

Direct approach means that you approach a woman, and show her that you are interested in her.

It doesn’t mean that you approach a woman and tell her that you are in love and want to marry. Definately not! If you are a man who falls in love so quickly, it doesn’t look attractive.

The first basic rule of approaching directly, is Being Sencere. The second one is Behaving Attractively.

Many men believe, due to their personal experience, that using direct approach is not successful. However, it’s probably because they didn’t use it properly. Most men can be good at being sencere, but what about the second rule? If you want to attract a girl, you need to be attractive.

Approaching directly can involve a compliment. But try not to use the obvious ones. Be attractive and different. All the men compliment her shirt, or her dress. But what about complimenting the way she used her eyeliner? Or maybe her ring? or how she moves? It’s also better to compliment something she did, and not something she was born with (Saying that you love the size of her tits is a bad compliment to use).


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Examples for Direct Approaches

So, as we learned about the 2 main principles of the direct approach, you are ready to use it.

Remember: Be Sencere, and be Attractive.

Le’ts see some examples for the “lines” that I recommend (of course, rememeber to use the right body language, tonality, etc.):

(for bars, restaurants, cafes)

“Hi, I like the way you dressed to day. The green and the white just match perfectly. I’m Richard by the way”.

“I saw you for a moment, and I really feel something interesting about you. My name is Richard.”

“I love the way you look, especially the style of your hair. I decided to check you out for a moment.”

(for clubs)

“You have a great body. I like it. Are you also interesting” (Remember to use the proper vibe).

(any location)

“Hi, I’m Richard!” (shake hands).

Using the Direct Approach properly, you will find that interactions tend to be more natural. Woman will find you sencere, and if you do it right, also extremely attractive. Only an attractive man can directly show his interests in a woman.

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